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Check Your Emirates ID Status Now! 🌟 Beyond tracking, it’s your gateway to essential services and daily transactions in the UAE. Discover how to easily EID status check, and unlock the convenience and connection to the Emirates today!

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In 2022, anyone in the UAE labor force, totaling 6,579,221 workers, required ID card


 25 million international tourist arrivals at its peak in 2019 before the COVID-19 outbreak


In the UAE, where fines are prevalent, there are approximately 3.5 million vehicles, with Dubai accounting for 40% of them.


The travel and tourism sector contributed AED 167 billion to the UAE’s GDP, accounting for 9% of the total

Our Application Services

Embarking on your Emirates ID journey? Whether you’re diving into the ‘Application Status’, figuring out ‘How to Apply for a New ID’, renewing with ‘ID Renewal’, filling out the ‘ID Application Form’, or grabbing the ‘ID Download’, we’ve got all your needs covered to check ID status online. Dive into our comprehensive guide below and navigate to Emirates ID status check online like a pro!

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Apply for a New ID

Need a new Emirates ID? Click on ‘Apply for a New ID’ for a quick and easy application process. Get started now!

Apply for a New ID
Digital screen displaying real-time Emirates ID application status with a green checkmark.

UAE VISA Resident

Discover the updated UAE visa requirements in our expert guide to residency in the UAE.

UAE VISA Resident
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ID Renewal

Time to renew your Emirates ID? Visit ‘ID Renewal’ for a streamlined process. Renew with ease and confidence!

ID Renewal
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EID Status

Need to know your Emirates ID status in real time? Check out our solution to stay informed about your status in the UAE.

Status Check
"Digital map pinpointing the real-time location and journey of an Emirates ID card in transit.

EID Tracking

Want to track emirates id journey? Click on solution to track Emirates ID. Stay informed every step of the way!

ID Tracking
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EID Fines Check

Concerned about fines? Use ‘Emirates ID Fine Check’ to quickly verify any penalties. Stay ahead and clear of dues!

ID Fine Check

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Our team strives to provide unparalleled service quality. Looking to establish yourself in the UAE? Whether it’s a Resident Visa, Business Visa, or GOLD Visa you require, we’ve got you covered. We deliver a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure your UAE experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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UAE Service Centers

Unlock a seamless UAE identification journey with our premier Service Centers. Dive into the heart of convenience at our Emirates ID Centers in hotspots like Al Baraha, Al Barsha, and Rashidiya. For the tech-savvy, our Biometrics Centers are a game-changer, boasting top-tier locations and a futuristic experience capturing your unique identifiers. And for the paperwork enthusiasts, our Typing Centers dot the landscape, offering everything from swift form typing to meticulous document checks. Step into our world, where service meets excellence, and let's redefine your ID experience.

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How To Guides and Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time Tracking and Updates. With ID Tracking, you're never in the dark - track your ID's journey through Emirates Post or get instant updates online. Need to sync with Etisalat? Our Etisalat ID Update ensures you're always connected. And if it's flexibility you're after, discover our guide on How to Change Mobile Number on.

ID Tracking (via Emirates Post and online)

Etisalat ID Update

How to Change Mobile Number on ID

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