How to Fast Track Residency UAE in 21 days for Businessmen

If you’re looking to set up a business in the UAE and need to obtain residency, you should know that you’re in for at least a 45-day wait; it’s as simple as that. Are you in a hurry? Want to go faster? Are you the fast & furious of the business world?

Set Up a Company in a UAE Free Zone guide

In this article, we’re going to give you the most direct formula to cut this time down to 21 days. How does that sound? Want to know more? Keep reading for the best guide on how to Fast Track UAE Residency: Get Your Emirates ID in 21 Days.

How to Set Up a Company in a UAE Free Zone

Setting up a company in a UAE free zone is the crucial first step towards obtaining your residency and Emirates ID quickly.

Establishing your business in one of these strategically placed free zones not only streamlines the residency process but also provides a plethora of benefits associated with the UAE’s economic zones, such as tax exemptions and no currency restrictions.

The process generally begins in your home country and can be completed within about one week, provided there are no delays.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a Free Zone: Each free zone in the UAE has its regulations, costs, and benefits, so it’s vital to choose one that aligns with your business needs.
  2. Prepare the Required Documents: You will need to gather several documents, which typically include:
    • A completed application form for company registration.
    • Copies of the passports of the company’s shareholders and directors.
    • A business plan outlining the nature and goals of your business.
    • Proof of trade name reservation and initial approval from the chosen free zone authority.
  3. Submission and Processing: Once you’ve chosen the free zone and prepared all the necessary documents, submit them to the relevant free zone authority. The standard processing time from submission to the approval is typically around four to five days, assuming there are no issues with your application.
  4. Receive Approval and Licenses: After your application is processed and approved, you will receive your company registration certificate, license to operate in the free zone, and other relevant documents. These documents are crucial as they are required for the next steps in the residency and Emirates ID application process.

It’s important to note that while this part of the process can be straightforward, the speed at which you can move depends largely on having all your documents in order and submitted on time.

This setup phase does not have significant room for acceleration unless all required information and documents are provided promptly and correctly to the free zone authority.

Issuance of the Immigration Card and Entry Permit guide

How to Issuance of the Immigration Card and Entry Permit

Once your company is set up in a UAE free zone, the next steps are obtaining your immigration card and the entry permit.

These are essential documents that facilitate the process of entering Dubai and proceeding with your residency visa application.

Obtaining the Immigration Card

After your free zone company is successfully established, the issuance of the immigration card is your immediate next step.

This card is issued by the free zone authority and serves as a recognition of your business and your subsequent eligibility to reside in the UAE.

Typically, obtaining this card takes about one day following the company setup.

The quick turnaround is due to the streamlined processes within the free zones, designed to facilitate rapid business and residency setups.

Applying for the Entry Permit

With the immigration card in hand, you can now apply for the entry permit.

This permit is essentially your legal gateway to enter Dubai for the purpose of processing your residency visa.

Under standard conditions, the entry permit takes about four to five days to be issued after the immigration card.

However, for those needing to fast-track their move, there is an option to expedite this process.

If you opt for the fast track service, which incurs an additional fee of around six to seven hundred US dollars, the entry permit can be issued in just one day.

This option is particularly beneficial if you are already planning your travel and need to align your entry into Dubai with specific, time-sensitive business activities.

These two documents—the immigration card and the entry permit—are foundational to the subsequent residency and Emirates ID processes.

Securing them promptly ensures a smoother transition into your business activities in Dubai and a quicker integration into the UAE’s economic system.

Accelerate the Process UAE residency in 21 days

How to Accelerate the Process UAE residency in 21 days – Emirates ID fast track

In the pursuit of establishing residency in the UAE as swiftly as possible, certain components of the residency application process can be expedited by paying additional fees.

Here we outline the key steps that can be fast-tracked, along with the specific costs involved, to significantly reduce waiting times from the standard timeline.

1. Fast-Tracking the Entry Permit

  • Cost: Approximately $600-$700 USD
  • Acceleration: Reduces permit issuance from 4-5 days to just 24 hours.
  • Benefit: Ideal for those who need to align their travel plans urgently or are already on a tight schedule.

2. Medical Examination

  • Cost: A few hundred dollars extra
  • Acceleration: Reduces the standard 24-hour result waiting period to just 30 minutes.
  • Benefit: Saves a full day, helping you move to the next step of the residency process almost immediately. This is particularly advantageous for those managing tight schedules or incurring high costs for extended stays.

3. Biometric Registration

  • Cost: Fast track fee amount varies
  • Acceleration: Typically, the waiting period for a biometric appointment can range from one week up to three, depending on backlog. Fast tracking can reduce this to the same day or the next day.
  • Benefit: Minimizes the delay in processing the Emirates ID and advancing the residency visa issuance.

4. Residence Visa Issuance

  • Cost: Fast track fee (specific fees can vary)
  • Acceleration: Reduces the standard processing time from 4-5 working days to just 24 hours.
  • Benefit: Allows for immediate continuation or completion of your residency setup, facilitating a quicker return to business activities or travel.

These fast-tracking options are designed for busy investors who value time and prefer to expedite the administrative processes associated with establishing residency in the UAE.

By investing in these accelerated services, not only can the residency process be shortened significantly, but also the indirect costs associated with delays, such as accommodation and subsistence expenses, can be reduced.

This streamlined approach ensures that your transition into the UAE market and society is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Medical Examination and Biometric Registration

Medical Examination and Biometric Registration

Once you’ve entered Dubai on the fast-tracked entry permit, the subsequent crucial steps are the medical examination and biometric registration.

Both are mandatory components for the issuance of your Emirates ID and residency visa, and each can be expedited to streamline your integration into the UAE.

Medical Examination

Upon arrival in Dubai, the medical examination is typically one of the first procedures you’ll undergo. This exam is essential for ensuring that you meet the health standards required for residency in the UAE.

  • Procedure: The medical exam generally includes a blood test and a chest X-ray to screen for infectious diseases.
  • Standard Timeline: Results are usually available within 24 hours.
  • Fast Track Option: For an additional fee, you can receive your medical results in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Benefits: Accelerating the medical results not only saves you a full day but also alleviates the stress of waiting for health clearance. This rapid turnaround is particularly advantageous for those with tight schedules or those coordinating multiple business activities.

Certainly! Below is a table that outlines the service fees for different categories as described:

CategoryDescriptionTotal Fee (in dirhams)Details of Fees
AEmployees, companies, and workers260250 dirhams for service, 10 dirhams for printing
BMen working in hair and beauty salons, health clubs, health facilities310250 dirhams for service, 50 dirhams for vaccination, 10 dirhams for printing
CWomen (baby nannies, domestic servants, nursery and kindergarten supervisors, workers in hair and beauty salons, health clubs, and health facilities)360250 dirhams for service, 50 dirhams for vaccination, 50 dirhams for pregnancy test, 10 dirhams for printing

This table provides a clear breakdown of the costs associated with each category, including specific charges for services, vaccinations, pregnancy tests, and printing.

If you need more information check this: UAE government link

Biometric Registration

Following the medical examination, biometric registration involves capturing your fingerprints and facial recognition data, which are crucial for your residency documentation and the issuance of your Emirates ID.

  • Procedure: The biometric data is collected to link your physical identity with your residency status, ensuring secure and verified identification within the country.
  • Standard Timeline: Waiting times for an appointment can vary widely from one to three weeks, depending on current demand and backlog.
  • Fast Track Option: The process can be expedited to have your biometric appointment scheduled for the same day as your medical examination or the following day.
  • Benefits: Speeding up the biometric registration helps in quickly moving forward with the Emirates ID issuance and residency visa process. This is essential for those needing to engage in business activities or travel shortly after arrival.

Together, the medical examination and biometric registration form the backbone of the health and security vetting process in the UAE.

Fast-tracking these steps not only streamlines the residency application process but also significantly reduces the potential downtime in Dubai, allowing you to commence your business activities or family integration much sooner.

issuance of a residence visa and an Emirati identity card

The final part – Issuance of the residence visa and the Emirati identity card

After completing the necessary medical examinations and biometric registration, the final steps in securing your UAE residency involve the issuance of the residency visa and the Emirates ID.

These are crucial documents that not only legalize your stay in the UAE but also facilitate your integration into the country’s social and economic systems.

Residency Visa Issuance

The residency visa is your official permit to live in the UAE and is required before you can obtain your Emirates ID.

  • Standard Timeline: Typically, the processing time for a residency visa can take about 4-5 working days.
  • Fast Track Option: The residency visa can be issued within 24 hours if the fast track service is utilized. This service is highly beneficial for those who need to quickly stabilize their status in the UAE, allowing for immediate continuation of business activities or family reunification.
  • Procedure: Once the medical and biometric data have been processed, the application for the residency visa is submitted. Fast tracking this step ensures that the visa is processed and approved swiftly, bypassing longer waiting periods.

Emirates ID Issuance

The Emirates ID is an essential identification card that serves multiple purposes, from accessing government services to banking.

  • Standard Timeline: After the residency visa is issued, the Emirates ID is typically processed and available within one week.
  • Procedure: The application for the Emirates ID is submitted following the approval of the residency visa. It involves registering your personal details and biometric data with the UAE Identity Authority.
  • Delivery: For residents who continue to stay in Dubai, the Emirates ID is usually delivered by post to a specified address, such as your home or office. However, if you have to leave the UAE shortly after the visa issuance, arrangements can be made to have the Emirates ID delivered to you by post internationally.

By fast tracking both the residency visa and the Emirates ID issuance, the overall process is significantly condensed, reducing the standard timeline from several weeks to just a few days.

This accelerated process is ideal for business investors and professionals eager to commence their activities in the UAE without lengthy delays.

This part of the process ensures that you are legally recognized as a resident in the shortest possible time, allowing you to fully engage with all the opportunities the UAE has to offer.

The advantages of the fast-track process and why it would interest you

For busy investors and entrepreneurs, time is a critical resource, and any reduction in administrative processes can translate into significant economic and strategic advantages.

The fast-track residency process in the UAE is specifically designed to minimize the waiting period for obtaining legal residency, thus allowing business activities to commence without undue delay.

Here’s how this accelerated process benefits busy investors:

Time Savings

The most apparent benefit of the fast-track process is the substantial time savings it offers. Instead of the standard timeline of 45 days, the process can be condensed to just 21 days. This is particularly advantageous for investors who are working on tight schedules or need to make swift transitions into new markets. The fast-track options available at various stages of the residency process — from the entry permit and medical exam to the residency visa and Emirates ID issuance — can reduce waiting times from several days to just hours in some cases.

Cost Efficiency

While there are additional fees associated with fast-tracking certain components of the residency process, these costs are often offset by the savings incurred from reduced travel and accommodation expenses, not to mention the opportunity costs of business delays. Investors who choose to expedite the process find that the faster they can start operating fully in the UAE, the quicker they can generate revenue and leverage business opportunities.

Strategic Flexibility

Being able to quickly obtain residency in the UAE provides investors with greater strategic flexibility. Fast-tracking the residency process allows business individuals to be agile, responding promptly to market demands and operational requirements. This agility is crucial in a competitive business environment like the UAE, where market conditions and opportunities can change rapidly.

Examples of Efficiency

For instance, investors can plan their arrival and business activities in Dubai more effectively by aligning the expedited documentation process with their business schedules.

One specific example is an investor who can participate in a crucial business meeting or close a significant deal without being hindered by prolonged administrative processes.

Another example includes investors who use the time saved by the fast-track process to explore additional investment opportunities or engage with local networks and partners, further establishing their presence and credibility in the market.

In summary, the accelerated UAE residency process not only simplifies the logistical aspects of establishing legal residency but also provides a competitive edge by enabling investors to act swiftly and decisively in the dynamic UAE business environment.

This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances the overall investment experience, making it a practical choice for those looking to maximize their business potential in the UAE.

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